packed with amazing management features

Workspace is a place where you can collabrate with other team members.
A workspace contains different pages where you can perform relavant things like tasks, discussions and time tracking etc. However only permitted users can access their granted pages.
  • Easily Create Workspaces

    create workspace and add team members

  • Support Workspace Reordering

    simply drag-n-drop to reorder

  • Manage Workspaces Easily


  • Manage Workspace Team

    add/remove team members

organize teams
Organize your users to different teams
You can create different teams and add relevent skilled users to those teams so when you add users to workspace you can choose from already setup teams.
  • Easily Create Teams

    easily add teams

  • Support Team Reordering

    simply drag-n-drop to reorder

  • Manage Teams Easily


  • Manage Team Members

    add/remove users

Manage Tasks
Create To-Do Lists organize them in groups
create to-dos for users and setup due dates, using our desktop apps users can tracked their time along with screen captures.
  • Easily Create Tasks List

    add new tasks and groups

  • Organize Tasks in Groups

    group relavent tasks in a group

  • Easily Rorder Tasks and Groups

    simply drag-n-drop to reorder

  • Manage Tasks

    add/edit/trash/restore & more...

  • Progress Tracking

    desktop apps to track time and capture user screen

Create Topics and Add Team Members to Share Ideas & Files
Need a group discussions? Create topics and invite users to those topics to discuss and share files.
  • Create Topics to Discuss

    add new topics

  • Easily Reorder Topics

    simply drag-n-drop to reorder

  • Better Topic Discussion

    add/remove/pin comments

  • Add/Remove Topic Followers

    followers stay upto date

Time Tracking
Desktop Apps for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu
Desktop Apps to track users work time along with screenshots so you can see users actually doing work for you.
  • Desktop Apps to Track & Capture

    time tracking & screen captures

  • View Tracked Time Listing

    better listing

  • Sort & Filter Listing

    see what you want

  • Manage Screen Captures

    approve/reject or remove

Status Reports
Share Users Progress with Clients or Higher Managers
Generate users reports with few clicks and share with Clients or Higher Managers. Once generated you can discuss report with other members.
  • Easily Generate Reports

    1-click report generation

  • Manage Reports


  • Easily Reorder Reports

    simply drag-n-drop to reorder

  • Support Feedbacks on Reports

    get feedback on shared reports

  • Add/Remove Followers

    followers stay upto date

Global Updates
Access Account Level Contents in One Place
Stay up to Date for all your Workspaces using Inbox, Activities or Overall Progress etc.
  • Inbox

    views & responses

  • User Activities

    quickly navigate

  • Search

    search anything

  • Task Reviewer

    quickly review tasks

  • Overall Progress

    progress updates

Files Storage
Upload/Download Files Securely
Upload/Download Files to Tasks, Discussions and Status Reports Securely.
  • Better Files Listing

    view uploaded files

  • Sorting And Filtering

    easy sort & filter

  • Cloud Storage

    better storage

  • Enhanced Security

    better & secure uploads/downloads

Real Time
Update Everything in Real Time
Contents updated in realtime whenever a user do activity without page reloading
  • Instant Update Everything

    get updates, no-page reloading

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